Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Recommed These Blogs...

1 - (therebelution.com) The Rebelution by Alex and Brett Harris. If you have not yet checked out this amazing movement by 2 very godly young men committed to God's word, then you are surely missing out! They direct the main thrust of their message towards teens, but it is surely not just for teens! The material you will find on this site, whether written by the Harris twins or others, is excellent, gospel-centered, and will prove beneficial to people of any age. As a matter of fact, today marks Alex and Brett's 20th birthday. The most recent post, "Turning Twenty", was a great reminder that the Do Hard Things message does not end once you stop being a teenager. But rather, the struggle has only just begun. Brett's article contained some very encouraging words for those of us about to enter or just begin the twenty years.

2 - (firstimportance.org) - Of First Importance: Living Each Day in the Good of the Gospel. I recently stumbled across this neat blog run by three Christian men from BC. Each day is posted a cross-centered quote to help its readers "remember what's of first importance - the gospel of Jesus Christ". As their "About Us" page states, "We’ve all spent far too much time looking inward instead of upward (Col 3:1), only to futility and despair. This blog was born out of our own need to live each day in the good of the gospel." It does our souls good to be reminded every day of the blood of the Savior that was poured out for our salvation and redemption! Today's quote by Charles Spurgeon is particularly good.

3 - (theblazingcenter.com) - The Blazing Center: Connecting God's Truth With Real Life by Mark and Steven Altrogge. A truly wonderful blog by a father-son duo with a love for the gospel and the glory of God. Each post is good to feed and meditate upon, and no matter what the topic, it seems as if every post is consistently brought back to "the blazing center" (the Cross of Christ). The latest post - "5 Surefire Ways to Ruin Your Devotions" may be a bit humorous but it sure is convicting.

What blogs do you enjoy reading?

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Rachel said...

OK this is really random but for some reason I decided to check the Rebolution blog today (which I haven't done in months) and I was scrolling through the comments and saw yours about trying to get into Grove City...which is where I go!! Soooo yeah
Don't really know the point of this, but I guess if you have any questions or anything, let me know, and I hope you get in/have gotten in (I don't know when the date is for all that stuff)
It's a great school with amazing people, and you won't regret your time here.
Have a great day!