Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pray for our Muslim Neighbors

Yesterday marked the beginning of Ramadan, a month-long Muslim fasting observance that takes place every year. Many Christians are taking the commitment to praying each day of this month for the Muslim world. (For more info. see www.30-days.net, also where I got the photo of Mecca above.) Whether or not you take this commitment to 30 days of prayer, I strongly encourage you to cry out to our God with His people on behalf of our Muslim neighbors.


- That the kingdom of our God would advance and the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ permeate the hearts of many who will be participating in this observance. Pray that many would turn from worshiping false gods to faith in the one and only true God.
- For Christians who were once Muslims, and for those who will come to believe in Jesus Christ. Pray that they would gladly take hold of Christ and risk death than continue following false religion and practice.
- For Christians living in largely Muslim areas, that they would have boldness and zeal for the glory of God, and lovingly proclaim the gospel to those observing Ramadan. Pray for opportunities. Pray that through the work of the Holy Spirit, God's Word will take effect and show those who are lost that their only hope for salvation rests only in Christ, not in their confession of sin to Allah or attempts to purify themselves through their own good deeds (both of which constitute large parts of the Ramadan fasting observance) .

And above all else, May God be glorified!

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Alyssa C. said...

Hello, fellow Rebelutionary!

Thanks for visiting our blog. May our hearts be together as we pray for the Muslims! =)

God bless!