Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Every Thought Captive

The following quote is taken from James Montgomery Boice's book Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace?

"Mindlessness [is] the inability or unwillingness to look at life in a thoughtful way. Since we are called to 'mind renewal'... our present cultural mindlessness must be part of the 'pattern of this world' that we are to recognize, engage, and overcome... We will not think at all if we do not believe thinking is worthwhile."

We live in a culture that often scorns thinking. Even Christians daily face the temptation to be mindless. Mr. Boice points out later on in his book that he believes the main source of mindlessness in our culture is television. I couldn't agree more. Television eliminates the need to think and process information. It simply feeds our brains with whatever images are portrayed on the screen. If not used properly, television is a big-time mind waster.

Jeff Purswell, in his excellent message called "Don't Waste Your Mind" asks the heart-piercing question:

How can we waste something that's not ours?

If we are Christians, our entire beings belong to Christ. That includes our minds. As a matter of fact, mankind was created to be a thinking creature. Yet as sinful, fallen human beings we tend to discourage thinking. After all, thinking is hard, and requires alot of effort! As Mr. Purswell put it "We think when we have to." He continues with asking the question "What is happening" when our attitude towards thinking is like this? The answer? Our thoughts are not captive to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5), they are captive to US. Yet we are called to love the Lord our God with all our mind!

How can we make our thoughts more captive to our Lord? Mr. Purswell offers two very helpful and practical ways:

1. Immerse your mind in God's Word. "We must constantly be tending to His Word and reviewing His saving actions!" "Loving God with all our minds means thinking. Thinking God's thoughts after Him... The goal is not to be a better thinker. But to be a better lover of God and of His people."

2. Pursue lifelong learning for God's glory. "A Christian's mind ought to be the best mind." We please and glorify God when we exercise our minds the way he has created us to.

What are some other practical ways for us to pursue taking "every thought captive"?

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